Can we use Dermal Fillers during Pregnancy?

Can we use Dermal Fillers during Pregnancy?

Dec 01, 2021

Dermal fillers are used for medical and cosmetic procedures. They relax the facial muscles, thus preventing wrinkles from forming at an early age. In the recent past, they have been prevalent among most adults. Dermal fillers are not without questions. Are dermal fillers ideal during pregnancy?

If you doubt whether getting your routine dermal filler during pregnancy is okay or not, this article answers you perfectly. Dermal fillers are not FDA-approved for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Nonetheless, no scientific studies are proving the dangers of the treatment to the developing baby.

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What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers consist of a substance that contains collagen and hyaluronic. It is usually injected in areas where wrinkles occur to smoothen the skin and minimize the appearance of unwanted lines and wrinkles.

There are various kinds of dermal fillers, each modified for specific areas and with different time frames. Most dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the human body. They can be used everywhere on the human body, including the face.

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Does pregnancy affect filler?

According to FDA, pregnancy affects fillers negatively since pregnant and breastfeeding mothers have fluctuating hormones. The fluctuations in hormones may alter the blood flow as well as cause swelling. Usually, fillers cause problems to the mother and not to the baby in the womb.

Most pregnant women have large lips, and thus it’s unwise to use fillers, especially if they are long-lasting. Also, pregnancy changes a woman’s skin, and therefore dermal fillers may result in unexpected results.

Even so, a professional dentist in Watkinsville, GA, recommends that pregnant women wait till they give birth and finish breastfeeding. It helps to avoid messing with the skin. It’s due to the scanty information available on the safety and side effects of the dermal fillers.

Precautions after Dermal Fillers

Once you decide to have dermal filler injections, there are some precautions you ought to follow for best results. They include;

  • Avoid touching the areas that received the injection until the redness or the light swelling has subsided.
  • Do not take alcoholic drinks or beverages for 24 hours or 48 hours for optimal results
  • Do not engage in any extreme physical activity or exercise such as sports. It ensures the skin, as well as the fascial tissues, are not strained. Avoid even low-impact activities.
  • Bask in the sun but avoid any activities that entail direct sun exposure.
  • Avoid using warm or hot wax as a post-treatment therapy.
  • Like the case with sun and heat, you should also avoid exceedingly low temperatures, which could potentially weaken the treated facial skin, thereby delaying the recovery process.
  • If you have received an injection in the lips, do not use lip balm. Also, minimize lips movements as much as possible. Lastly, avoid biting the lip, which is a common habit among most people.

What fillers are safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy hormones cause several skin conditions that might need to be addressed. In some cases, you might thus need cosmetic therapy badly amidst pregnancy. Most fillers are considered unsafe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. There is also minimal data available on the safety of the fillers, especially during pregnancy. Besides dermal fillers, other dangerous options include neurotoxin injections, lasers, and sclerotherapy.

Since dentists strongly discourage most fillers, you can use some alternative treatment options that are considered safe. They include;

  • Chemical peels

Using chemicals to even out the skin tone in pregnant mothers depends on several factors. Some chemical peels contain active ingredients which are unsafe during pregnancy. On the other hand, some like lactic acid peels and glycolic acid peels penetrate the skin superficially and are therefore considered safe.

  • Microneedling

It’s a cosmetic procedure that involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles. The minor wounds trigger your body to produce more elastin and collagen, which helps in improving your skin.


Despite the cosmetic treatment being vital for the body, particularly the face, most professional dentists strongly recommend against using injectable treatment such as fillers during pregnancy. They recommend resuming treatment as soon as you give birth and finish breastfeeding. The best part about continuing dermal fillers injections after pregnancy is that you have to worry less about the minimal hormonal fluctuations.

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