Dermal Fillers: Why they are the Perfect Fathers’ Day Gift

Dermal Fillers: Why they are the Perfect Fathers’ Day Gift

Jun 01, 2020

What are dermal fillers? These are small gel injections consisting of hyaluronic acid. The role of these injections is filling in those wrinkles on your face and adding volume to the soft tissue. Generally, they make your skin appear smoother and younger. They can be administered to the cheeks, around your eyes, jawline, mouth and lip tissue.

How This Treatment will help

They work by restoring the lost volumes of your face. They plump up areas and smoothen the lines on your face. Why would one want this? With old age, the body stops producing elastin and collagen which are responsible for youthful looks.

According to experts, 25 is the age your body starts producing less collagen. The rate of elastin and collagen production drops by 2% annually as time goes by. By the time you are nearing thirty, the production will have stopped.

Can they Last Long?

There is no universal answer to this. It is all dependent on the reaction of your body towards the injection and the type of hyaluronic acid used. They can, however, last from half a year to 18 months.

Are there any Side Effects Associated with Dermal Fillers?

Most people cannot tell the difference between reactions and side effects, so understanding the potential side effects is essential. There are those that are temporary. You will experience them for some time after receiving the injections. They include swelling, tenderness and redness. Experiencing discomfort, bruising and itching at the point the shot was administered is also normal.

All these are mild or moderate reactions that go away after soon after infection or last for a few days.

Are Dermal Fillers Painful?

You may experience some pain as the injection is administered into your face. To minimize this, we apply anesthetic cream on your face before treatment. To ensure you are even more calm and relaxed, fillers have a local anesthetic that is pre-mixed.

What are the Different Types Available?

Hyaluronic acid is a common facial filler. It is a natural substance that can be found in several body parts such as the joints, skin and eyeball. Hyaluronic fillers help in maintaining shape, evening out skin depressions and providing hydration.

Another common filler is Poly-Caprolactone (PCI) commonly known as Ellanse. Doctors refer to it as the collagen stimulator. When administered through injections to parts of your face, it stimulates the production of collagen, giving you longer-lasting results.

Differences between Dermal Filler and Botox

Most people assume these terms refer to the same thing. That is not the case. While botox focuses on stopping the small muscles of the face from causing movements that result in wrinkles, dermal fillers will plump from beneath your wrinkles, smoothing them and promoting a youthful look.

Where do you get them?

The skin is the largest body organ and is sensitive too. This is why you shouldn’t allow just anyone to administer dermal fillers to your face. It should be a professional that is qualified to do so. There are lots of sensitive structures beneath the skin, for example, vessels, nerves and eyes. If an untrained person administers the injection, you risk damage, infection or even artery occlusion which could scar the tissues or kill them. Now you see why you need a medical professional that is registered and has knowledge of facial anatomy.

You can Adjust Bad Filler

There are people that may not be pleased with the outcome. There is no need to worry, as this can be corrected. You just have to see a dermatologist who may either administer more filler to bring balance or can get rid of the existing filler and start anew. There is an enzyme that your doctor can use to dissolve hyaluronic fillers.

When should you Avoid Fillers?

Though considered safe, fillers can pose risks to pregnant and breastfeeding women and also those with sinus infections. Dr. Brent Nail of Athens Oconee Dentistry does not recommend getting fillers before receiving dental treatment. This is because the pressure involved in dental procedures could misplace the fillers.

There are many reasons to have dermal fillers. Your father is probably tired of receiving ties on every Fathers’ Day. Maybe it is time he got dermal fillers.

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