Five Sleep Apnea Myths You Should Be Aware of

Five Sleep Apnea Myths You Should Be Aware of

Feb 01, 2021

You can get plenty of information about everything in the world using the Internet if you wish. Unfortunately, you also have access to a lot of misinformation, particularly if you search for health information. You won’t find it challenging to accept information detrimental to your health from online sources.

If you seek information about sleep apnea, rest assured you will receive plenty of information encouraging you not to seek treatment for the condition. The data can make you think sleep apnea is not a health condition but is just an annoyance for your bed partner, and concerns about the situation are misinterpreted. However, sleep medicine specialists disagree with the misconceptions spread. They, along with doctors and dentists, attempt to dispel the myths of sleep apnea and snoring often associated with the problem and recommend treatment as essential because it has detrimental effects on your overall health.

If you visit your doctor complaining about snoring, they are likely to evaluate your signs and symptoms to determine whether you are in reality suffering from a sleep-related disorder. They may request information from your bed partner or other members of the family if necessary. You can inquire why you need treatment for your condition by asking what causes sleep apnea. You will be surprised when you hear sleep apnea facts and statistics provided by your doctor.

What Are the Causes of Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea occurs when the muscles supporting the soft palate at the back of your throat relax. The relaxation narrows your airway or closes it when breathing in. The oxygen level in your blood decreases when you cannot get sufficient air.

Your brain realizes the deficiency and briefly awakens you from sleep to ensure you open your airway. The brief awakening won’t leave any recollection even though you may snort, choke, or gasp. The sequence repeats itself multiple times every hour throughout the night, impairing your ability to reach deep sleep.

There are three types of sleep apnea. They are obstructive, central, and complex sleep apnea. The most common variety affecting people is obstructive sleep apnea, which occurs because of the relaxation of the throat muscles.

The Myths about Sleep Apnea

When you discuss sleep apnea symptoms with your friends or colleagues, you may hear many myths spread about the condition. The five most common myths are dispelled in this blog by dentists in Watkinsville, GA, to help you understand sleep apnea is not a common condition after all. It needs treatment from doctors, sleep, medicine specialists, or dentists. The myths are mentioned below for your reference:

Sleep Apnea Only Affects People Who Snore

Snoring is a problem associated with sleep apnea, but it does not mean people who don’t snore are not affected by the situation. People who snored earlier but stopped may indicate the problem has worsened. Sleep apnea without snoring indicates the airway is entirely blocked when sleeping, hampering your ability even to snore. When diagnosing this condition, whenever you seek sleep apnea treatment near me, the doctors consider all symptoms you are experiencing.

Sleep Apnea Is Harmless

Nothing is farther than the truth. Sleep apnea makes it practically impossible for you to get adequate rest in the night because of the pauses in breathing that characterize this condition. You may suffer from headaches, daytime fatigue, mood disorders, hypertension, and productivity issues with work. Sleep apnea can contribute to unhealthy weight gain, heart attacks, and strokes.

Only the Elderly Are Affected by Sleep Apnea

This is another myth that must be debunked because people of all ages can get affected by sleep apnea, including children. Anyone between 5 to 70 can get involved with sleep apnea. Children affected by this condition have cognitive and behavioral disorders. Genuinely sleep disorders are common in adults, but it doesn’t confirm children are immune to the problem.

The CPAP Machine Is the Best for Treating Sleep Apnea

Doctors recommend the CPAP machine as a remedy to treat sleep apnea. While the device effectively deals with this condition, alternatives are also available from Athens Oconee dentistry, providing a customized oral appliance pioneered by dentists. Besides being portable and comfortable than the CPAP machine, the oral appliance helps patients keep their lower jaw in a forward position, helping them keep their airway open when sleeping at night. The device is comfortable and convenient and is an alternative chosen by many people affected by this condition.

You Can Sleep Better with Alcohol

Anyone telling you to have a drink before getting into bed is probably promoting another myth of sleep apnea. Alcohol makes you tired and relaxes your body, making you think it can increase your quality of sleep. However, alcohol worsens sleep apnea because it also relaxes the muscles of your throat that are the primary cause of sleep apnea.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of sleep apnea, the better option for you would be to get evaluated by Dr. Brent Nail instead of believing any of the myths of this severe and detrimental sleep-related disorder.

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