Missing Teeth Impacting Your Life: Consider Dental Implants Treatment As Replacements

Missing Teeth Impacting Your Life: Consider Dental Implants Treatment As Replacements

Aug 02, 2021

Missing teeth are a fact of life affecting many adults. Loss of teeth not only impacts your smile but also affects your life adversely by disallowing you to eat the foods you love, affecting your speech and countless other problem. Therefore, replacing your missing teeth is a requirement you cannot ignore, and you must begin your search for a suitable solution to get back artificial teeth in your mouth.


Whether you have lost your teeth because of tooth decay, genetic defects, root canal failure, or gum disease, you must have a replacement that allows you to regain all the benefits you lost by replacing your natural teeth with lifelike artificial substitutes. However, do not think you cannot find natural-looking artificial teeth in the present day. Dental implants Athens, GA, can provide them to you should you decide to go to the intensive procedure of getting implant placements in your mouth.


Beginning the Process to Get Dental Implants


If you want to determine whether dental implants are suitable, you must consult with the dentist in Watkinsville for an evaluation. The dentist examines your teeth and gums and evaluates bone density and quantity. X-rays and CT scans are taken to ensure sufficient bone is present in your jaw to support dental implant placements.


Depending on the condition of your oral tissues, personal habits, and oral hygiene, the dentist advises you on the most appropriate treatment plan. Remember, you must commit to following the dentist’s after-care instructions if you decide on getting dental implants. If you have insufficient bone in your jaw, you may need bone or soft tissue grafts.


The dental professional advises you on the duration of the entire treatment depending upon your situation. In addition, you receive information about the number of appointments necessary and what you can expect after each procedure. Anesthesia options are also discussed with you offering local anesthesia or sedation if necessary. The estimated costs of the implant placement are also discussed during the initial meeting.


Before Getting Dental Implants


Before you can consider dental implant placement, any underlying oral health issues need consideration. For example, problems like tooth decay and gum disease make dental implant placements less effective.


If you are a smoker or tobacco user, your dentist advises you to quit the habit as smokers are at a higher risk of dental implant failure. Smoking affects osseointegration, a process that allows the dental implant to integrate with your jawbone. Your customized treatment begins only after the dentist confirms your mouth is healthy for the treatment.


The Dental Implant Procedure


The dental implant procedure performed by dentist Watkinsville, GA, is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. The dental implant insertion is accomplished in a single visit but requires three to nine months to complete osseointegration when the implant integrates with the jawbone. Therefore, you can have your artificial tooth over the implant only after the titanium post is entirely fused with the jawbone.


The healing time may seem frustrating, especially if you are anxious to have your replacement tooth as soon as possible. However, trying to rush through the treatment when getting dental implants near you can only fail because an unstable implant will not support your artificial teeth with the stability they need. Therefore if you have decided to favor dental implants, you must exercise plenty of patience until the healing of the placements before you have your artificial porcelain tooth over the implant.


Caring for Your Artificial Teeth After Getting Dental Implants


After overcoming the challenges you confronted with tooth loss by having dental implants inserted, you must also follow the after-care instructions of Dr. Brent Nail to ensure you don’t work towards implant failure. Dental implants are highly successful, and almost 96 percent of people having them are happy they have replaced their missing teeth with these restorations that last for a lifetime. You must also include your name on the list of successful candidates by taking appropriate care of the implants. You don’t need to make any additional investment when caring for the placements but only ensure that you maintain proper oral hygiene and visit your dentist once every six months for cleanings and exams. Dental implants are not susceptible to cavities but undoubtedly attract gum disease if you are not careful with your oral hygiene. Periodontal disease is the principal cause of implant failure. After undergoing an intensive procedure to replace missing teeth, would you want to begin searching again for more replacements in your mouth merely because you are negligent with your oral health? We are confident you will make every effort to ensure the implants remain in your mouth for as long as possible.

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