Straightening Your Teeth With Invisible Braces Is Not a Crime

Straightening Your Teeth With Invisible Braces Is Not a Crime

Jan 01, 2020

The crooked teeth in your mouth which also have gaps between them and are misaligned is something you were born with or perhaps let matters get out of your hand without paying proper attention to your teeth. However, trying to straighten them with traditional braces is similar to advertising that you have a problem with your teeth that need correcting. You may wonder whether it is possible to straighten them invisibly without making it evident to all and sundry that you are attempting something that you should be hiding as though you have committed a crime. As you are already wondering about the different options available to achieve your goal we may as well give you information about why to go for invisible?

In this discussion, we will provide some comprehensive information about why you should be choosing invisible braces along with the pros and cons of choosing them. You can decide for yourself whether the option suggested is suitable for your needs after a discussion with your dentist.

Invisalign Braces vs Clear Braces

We begin by offering a clarification of what we are talking about. Clear braces are similar to conventional braces but have clear brackets and also include clear wire braces on occasions. It is common for people to include invisible aligners in this category as well because they are also developed from clear material.

Both varieties work effectively to straighten misaligned teeth inconspicuously. The differences you will observe is in the way they function, the way they look, how it feels to wear them, and the dent they can leave on your wallet.

As an adult, you may be feeling self-conscious about wearing braces like you have committed a crime of some kind. However, information is available from the American Academy of Orthodontics that adults in America are choosing to wear braces to correct the discrepancies in their teeth. Over 1.5 million adults opted for braces in 2016 alone and therefore you can rest assured you are one among the 1.5 million criminals that are attempting to improve their looks and smile.

How Do Clear Aligners Function?

As you are looking for an invisible solution you should be considering translucent aligner systems because they are an entirely different solution for straightening teeth. They comprise of a series of clear plastic aligners fitting snugly over your teeth. The aligners are custom-designed for every patient after obtaining digital scans or impressions. You will be required to switch to new aligners every two weeks until your teeth begin to gradually move into the desired position.

The treatment with invisible braces will last for approximately 9 to 18 months.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Invisible Braces?

The biggest benefit is perhaps the ability to remove the braces for approximately 2 to 4 hours every day. As a user, this benefit will allow you to have the foods you like as well as maintain your oral hygiene routine normally. As invisible braces, they are barely noticeable when compared to other types of fixed braces including the variety with clear brackets. Therefore, this is the perfect solution if you want to straighten your teeth discreetly.

You may want to remove the aligners when attending meetings or special occasions and invisible braces make it easy for you to go ahead with your schedule. This is one of the pros of choosing this variety over the others.

Will You Face Any Inconvenience?

It would be unfair on our part only to give you information about the pros without telling you that invisible braces can also present a set of inconveniences. When wearing invisible braces you should be cleaning your teeth after having any foods or beverages other than water to prevent bacteria from getting trapped inside the aligners increasing your chances of becoming a victim of dental caries or gum disease.

Self-discipline is another factor you must be aware about. If you are unable to stick to the timeline of removing the braces for just 2 to 4 hours per day you may as well opt for traditional braces and display them to the world without fear. After all, you are only attempting to rectify a problem with your teeth and not committing another crime of any sort.

What Are the Costs Associated with Invisible Braces?

The costs associated with invisible braces from Invisalign will be around $ 3500-$ 8500 but the flexibility they give you is incomparable with other types of braces that are also available. You may even be compensated by your insurance company to some extent towards the costs. If you prefer to get the invisible braces from leading practitioners like Athens Oconee dentistry you may very well receive flexible payment plans to help you overcome your situation and begin feeling like a normal individual rather than a criminal involved in undesirable activities.

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