The Importance of Treating Your Sleep Apnea

The Importance of Treating Your Sleep Apnea

Jul 16, 2019

Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder where people experience shallow breathing or an interment blockage of airflow, which can last for a few seconds to a few minutes. Let us throw some light on few reasons to get this disorder treated early without delay.

Consider your long-term Health

Sleep is vital for the body to function properly that will keep you healthy. A lack of sleep has an adverse effect on the long-term health and the whole routine. Therefore, the sooner one seeks treatment for sleep apnea, the sooner one can mitigate the negative health effects.

Perform better at work or school

Whether one is senior executive at a Fortune 500 company, school going kids or a grocery store clerk, proper sleep is required for everyone to function at their highest potential. It’s not only about performance but missed sleep can make it almost impossible to stay awake during the work day.

Avoid Morning Headaches

People with sleep apnea stop breathing during the night at short intervals. This leads to carbon dioxide levels in the blood go up while the amount of oxygen decreases. This makes blood vessels in the head and brain dilate, which causes vascular headaches that are observed upon waking.

You’ll sleep better at night

Many people with sleep apnea have restless sleepless nights and they partially make turns on the bed or wake up frequently to visit bathroom in the night. This is why one should seek treatment for sleep apnea to reduce the number of nocturnal awakenings.

Think about your Partner’s health

Sleep apnea not only affects the person but his/her partner too. The partner sharing the bed loses sleep as well due to the loud snoring coming from the patient. Sometimes the partner might get scared of the long pauses in breathing followed by the choking/gasping sounds that the patient makes.

Reduce your chances of accidents

Lack of sleep can be extremely dangerous for anyone whether at work or school, it can cause actual disasters. This can lead to lapses in attention which can cause accidents in the workplace and while driving.

Avoid complications with medications and surgery

Sleep apnea patients might be putting their lives at risk if sleep apnea goes undiagnosed because medications such as sedatives as well as general anaesthesia can relax their upper airways making their sleep apnea symptoms worse. So, this goes for all the sleep apnea patients to take precautionary measures and let the doctors know to avoid complications during surgery.

You’ll finally feel awake during the day

Sleep apnea affects the quality of sleep. During an apnea event, oxygen gets physically blocked, preventing it from reaching the lungs and this disrupts the working of brain to keep air flowing. This leads to brain not getting enough time to go in deep sleep and repair the body and improve cognitive functions. This is why one doesn’t feel rested the next day.

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