The Vital Role of Pediatric Dentistry for Your Child’s Oral Health

The Vital Role of Pediatric Dentistry for Your Child’s Oral Health

Sep 01, 2020

A child’s oral health is vital for the development of permanent teeth. Your kid’s oral health is adaptable, and here’s a closer overview of pediatric dentistry.

Dental appointments with your hygienist ensure that your child’s teeth are examined and the risks of decay prevented. The dentist for your kids may perform fluoride treatment or apply sealants to protect your child’s teeth from decay.

During dental exams, diagnostic X-rays are performed to detect any signs of decay or cavities. The pediatric dentist will also guide you on the right dietary and proper oral hygiene habits. It would help if you made regular visits to the dentist near you to ensure no injuries, decay, or infections are on your kid’s teeth.

What Pediatric Dentistry Involves?

Pediatric dentistry refers to a specialty that offers comprehensive therapeutic and preventive oral health care for your children. It involves a collection of specialized care. Your pediatric dentist provides your child with proper oral care by ensuring the teeth, gums, and other tissues are healthy.

The development of primary teeth holds space that’s occupied by permanent teeth. Oral decay and periodontal diseases may lead to lifetime complications if they are not detected and treated at early stages. Your child’s specialist does diagnosis to check on any underlying issues before they become severe.

Various Types of Services provided by Your Pediatric Dentist

Your pediatric dentist offers preventive oral health care for your kid, and some of the approaches used include:

  • Risk assessment and dental exams for your child
  • Preventive oral care through fluoride treatment and cleaning
  • Offering vital recommendations on nutrition
  • Early assessment and treatment to prevent overbites and teeth alignment
  • Emergency dental care on injuries including knocked-out teeth, fractures, and mouth trauma
  • Management of periodontal diseases and oral cancer treatment
  • Repair of cavities
  • Diagnosis for underlying oral health issues associated with life-threatening conditions like asthma, diabetes, and heart conditions

When Does Your Child Need to Visit the Pediatric Dentist?

Making routine visits to the pediatric dentist will ensure that your child’s oral health is maintained. Your child needs to make the first appointment once the first tooth emerges from the gum line. The appointments are vital in addressing the following issues:

  • Delayed teething for your infant, which hinders proper development of the jaws and teeth
  • Misaligned teeth that cause pain due to overbites, crossbites, and underbites
  • Dental caries and tooth decay that exposes your child’s pulp cavity leading to further damage

During the appointment, the kid’s dentist will evaluate the overall health, oral hygiene, signs of tooth decay, and eating habits. A dental cleaning procedure will be performed, and the fluoride level assessed. The pediatric dentist may recommend useful oral hygiene supplements that are vital in preserving your child’s teeth.

Digital dental X-rays are applicable during the initial visit, and signs of decay are addressed through the application of sealants and repair of cavities. Your child’s specialist may recommend other specialized treatment options, including braces and teeth alignment procedures.

Your dentistry for children uses Dental X-rays to view clear images of the various sections of your child’s mouth. They are vital in the diagnosis of underlying issues, and they vary depending on your child’s age, risk of disease, and oral health status.

Various Precautionary Measures for Your Child’s Oral Health

It’s essential to train your child to observe essential oral health practices at a tender age, through their lifestyle habits. Below are some of the precautionary measures you need to teach them:

  • Guide them on regular dental cleaning and flossing
  • Ensure they wear a mouthguard as they engage in sports to prevent their mouth tissues against injuries
  • Discourage them from taking a sugary diet
  • Please provide them with fluoride toothpaste and recommended soft-bristled toothbrushes.

Pediatric Practices in Watkinsville, GA

Pediatric dentistry is a holistic approach that provides dental care to your child and ensures that oral tissues are healthy. Our dentistry for children provides your kid with the right dietary choices and a healthy lifestyle to ensure their teeth develop accordingly. Our pediatric team uses advanced equipment that is safe and comfortable for your kid.

At Athens Oconee Dentistry, our pediatric dentists are dedicated to providing your child with specialized treatment and diagnosis. We recommend you to make the initial visit once the tooth erupts from your child’s gum line. We ensure that your child preserved a perfect smile during teeth development. Please schedule an appointment with our dental practitioners today, for an adept experience today!

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