Treat Everyone to a Flashy Smile by Getting Teeth Whitening Before Halloween

Treat Everyone to a Flashy Smile by Getting Teeth Whitening Before Halloween

Oct 01, 2019

Tricks are common during Halloween, but there is no reason why you cannot treat everyone with a flashy smile by getting your teeth the whitening needed. Teeth whitening can help to remove stains and any discoloration. It is among the most popular procedures used by many people to significantly improve the looks of their teeth. Even better is the fact that most dentists perform it. They may advise you that it is not a one-time procedure and will need to be repeated, especially if you want to continue flashing the beautiful smile.

Why Teeth Whitening Is Essential

Teeth whitening becomes essential when the thinner enamel begins to allow the color of the dentin to be displayed because you could be neglecting oral hygiene, using tobacco, and be accustomed to drinking dark-colored beverages such as coffee, tea, cola, and red wine. You could also be affected by the problem of aging when the enamel begins to thin, and the dentin assumes a darker color.

Is Teeth Whitening Effective?

Teeth whitening is effective in most cases, but individuals with dermal fillers in their mouth may need to receive prior treatment before their teeth are whitened. Individuals with dental implants may notice the whitening is not as effective just as people with tooth decay or receding gums.

Teeth whitening can be accomplished at home, but the results are better when a dentist attends to this problem. Dentists usually photograph the teeth initially to help them monitor the progress of the treatment. The dentist will also examine the patient’s teeth and ask questions to determine the underlying causes of the staining. The dentist or dental hygienist will begin the teeth cleaning only after they are satisfied with the answers and remove any food, a film of bacteria, and other substances that have built up on the teeth and are contributing to the staining. The whitening procedure will begin only after the initial steps are completed.

The Whitening Procedure

Two main types of whitening procedures are common. The first is vital whitening which is performed on teeth that have live nerves. People who have had root canal treatments which would have deprived them of live nerves will receive non-vital teeth whitening.

Getting teeth whitening done by a dentist will be beneficial because it allows the dentist to use a powerful whitening gel. He or she can also use a specialized light or laser to activate the gel for allowing the bleaching process to begin faster. People that do not want to spend time at the dentist’s office for teeth whitening can consider requesting for the most common variety of vital teeth whitening from the dentist. The dentist will use a gel containing some form of hydrogen peroxide and apply it directly to the surface of the tooth. This is a suitable choice for people that do not want to spend 30 to 90 minutes in the dental chair fearful that the dentist may pull a trick on them on Halloween day.

Teeth Whitening at Home

People with a generalized fear of dentists can consider using whitening products which are available over-the-counter from pharmacies. These products are not as effective as the one used by the dentist because they usually provide a weaker whitening agent. People will realize the whitening will take longer because the whitening agent needs to be applied as a gel or even as a strip sticking to the teeth and resembling invisible braces. In any case, over-the-counter mouthpieces do not fit securely than the variety provided by dentists.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure which should be avoided by women who are pregnant because the whitening agent can possibly affect the development of the fetus. People with dental implants or dermal fillers may not see any serious side effects, although some may notice additional sensitivity in their teeth for a short time.

Teeth whitening will allow you to treat everyone to a flashy smile this Halloween without attempting any tricks which may prompt your friends or family members to be scared of you. People who are concerned about their smiles are recommended to get the teeth whitening they need from a reputable dentist to be in a position to always flash their smile.

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