Want Restorations for Damaged or Missing Teeth: Look No Further Than Crowns or Bridges

Want Restorations for Damaged or Missing Teeth: Look No Further Than Crowns or Bridges

Jul 01, 2021

Do you have an extensively damaged tooth or have lost a tooth altogether? You may wonder how you can restore the tooth or replace the one you lost. Although you have a problem on your hands, there is no reason for you to remain concerned about the issue. However, suppose you visit the general dentist in Watkinsville with the predicament confronting you. In that case, they provide suitable solutions with crowns or bridges for restoring the damaged tooth or to replace the missing tooth.

Generally, dental crowns are considered superior to dental fillings because of better aesthetics and durability. Similarly, dental bridges provide better aesthetics and durability than removable dentures. Let us surprise you by giving some benefits of crowns and bridges, helping you understand how comfortably you can overcome the situation confronting you.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

If you decide to have dental crowns to restore the damaged tooth after consulting the dentist near you, the following advantages accrue.

Dental Crowns Restore and Protect the Tooth Structure: Dental crowns are possibly the optimal protection your dentist can provide to a tooth threatened by weakening or decay. Teeth weakened after root canal treatment also benefit from dental crowns.

Aesthetics: Besides protecting the tooth, dental crowns also offer aesthetic advantages. Dental crowns are created to restore the original shape of the tooth. Ceramic crowns are durable without compromising on aesthetics. In addition, the crowns are color matched to your neighboring teeth to restore and improve your smile.

Durable: Dental crowns last longer than most other dental restorations, with a lifespan of over 15 years. The durability is a result of using high-quality and robust materials when creating the dental crown.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

When you decide to use dental bridges to help replace your missing tooth, you accrue the following advantages:

Functional Restoration: Dental bridges help restore your dental functionality. The replacement teeth enable you to chew and eat efficiently. Dental bridges from the dentist in Woodlands make it comfortable for you to improve speech clarity that would have been affected after tooth loss.

Force Distribution: the dental bridge structure distributes the chewing forces equally to the abutment teeth making it easier for you to chew foods.

Aesthetics: Another significant benefit of dental bridges is aesthetics because they help improve your smile besides restoring your mouth’s functionality.

Durability: Like dental crowns, dental bridges last longer than other tooth-replacement solutions like removable dentures.

Which Option Should You Consider?

The optimal option for you is to visit the dentist, Watkinsville, GA, for an evaluation to determine whether you need a dental crown or a bridge. Whether you want to restore the damaged tooth or replace the missing one, you need dental crowns over your teeth for support.

The Watkinsville dentist will explain the procedure to you after examining your teeth and suggesting the best option for restoring them.

If you choose in favor of replacing the missing tooth Dr. Brent Nail, the dentist, examines the neighboring teeth beside the gap left by the missing tooth. The two healthy teeth beside the gap require preparation before you can have dental bridges in your mouth.

The preparation procedure is uncomfortable, and you receive anesthesia to ease your comfort. Next, the two healthy teeth are ground down and reshaped to accommodate dental crowns over them, which will hold a Pontic (artificial tooth) between them. Next, impressions of your teeth are taken after the preparation for the dental laboratory to create your customized dental crowns and Pontic. Finally, you receive temporary bridges over the prepared teeth until the laboratory returns your permanent restoration.

You must revisit the dentist in approximately three weeks when the laboratory returns your dental bridge. First, the dentist removes the temporary bridges while checking the color and fit of the permanent restorations. Then, if everything is fine, the dentist bonds the dental bridge to your supporting teeth with the Pontic in between to give you your new artificial tooth.

The procedure to get a dental crown or the damaged tooth is similar and requires about three weeks before you can have the tooth restored. However, crowns and bridges are excellent restorations for missing or damaged teeth. Both are similar in appearance because they are customized explicitly for your mouth after considering your needs and all the benefits the repairs offer.

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