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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges play important roles in the restoration of teeth. More than ever, crowns are designed in a way that preserves the smile’s natural characteristics such as color, shine, and luminosity. Patients of Athens Oconee Dentistry have options for the type of crown we order for them. During the consultation for care, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various materials.

Dental crowns are restorations that are crafted with a great deal of care. It is necessary that every crown be properly shaped in order to fit against the opposing tooth correctly when chewing. We also consider the various factors that will promote longevity. Depending on your specific situation, we will choose the crown material best suited to your individual needs.

The crown procedure

A dental crown is recommended in cases when the tooth would benefit the most from full coverage. Fillings only occupy space in a damaged tooth. They provide limited support overall. A full crown, on the other hand, creates a solid barrier between a fragile tooth and the force of chewing.

To fit a tooth with a custom crown, it is necessary to reduce natural structure somewhat. This will do two things: it will eliminate any damaged areas of the tooth and it will create a structure that will fit nicely beneath the final restoration. After the tooth has been prepared, an impression is made of this area. This model of the tooth is sent to our dental lab where experienced ceramists mold the final crown from the selected material. After taking impressions, we will place a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it during the few weeks it takes to get the final restoration from the lab.

In the follow-up visit, the crown is modified if necessary for fit before it is secured over the tooth.


While crowns are intended for the preservation of a natural tooth, a bridge is necessary when we need to replace one or more missing teeth. Although there are numerous different types of dental bridges, many patients prefer the longevity and stability of the fixed bridge. This prosthesis involves covering two teeth with dental crowns. These teeth will stabilize the bridge. In between the two crowns is where the artificial tooth or teeth will sit. Made in the dental lab based on our model of your teeth, the bridge will be sent to us as a single piece that looks like a grouping of lifelike teeth. Once cemented into place, the bridge will perform for years.

One of the most important aspects of restorative care is longevity. At Athens Oconee Dentistry, our team uses techniques, technologies, materials, and craftsmen that join to achieve this goal.

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