It is important to us to bring you and your family the best dental care. To achieve this goal, we have added necessary upgrades to the standard diagnostic and treatment equipment.

3M Scanners & Digital X-Rays

This equipment is fast, comfortable, and efficient. Digital x-rays don’t involve the same uncomfortable films that patient’s must bite down on to capture images. An additional benefit to this system is the low radiation emissions – more than 50 percent less than the radiation that comes from traditional x-rays.

Intraoral cameras with caries detection

A major advance in dentistry has come from the use of the diagnostic camera. Where x-rays show us what we cannot see on the surface, our intraoral camera shows us all parts of the various teeth in the mouth in clear detail. We can share these images with you on our computer screen, where we can zoom in on areas of concern and explain to you what is happening in your mouth.

One of the practices we are very proud of is the thoroughness of our examination process. Dr. Nail or our hygienist carefully observes every tooth so that we may closely monitor oral health. Additionally, we use the Cam X Spectrum caries detection aid. This instrument works like doppler radar, using the power of fluorescence to detect caries as early as possible and take the guesswork out of dental care.

Soft tissue laser

The development of laser technology has changed dentistry forever in the best possible way. We can incorporate our soft tissue laser into treatment for gum disease, cosmetic procedures and more. This device enhances comfort and minimizes trauma to oral tissues. The soft tissue laser is so gentle that many patients receive treatment without local anesthetic!

Our Ezlase 940 instrument assist us in the delivery of the most comfortable, most efficient services. The precise wavelengths of thermal energy emitted by this device promotes incredible power with minimal heat.


We are proud to use the latest administrative technologies to complement innovative dentistry. Record keeping at Athens Oconee Dentistry is completely digital. We find this to be efficient, safe and convenient for our patients and our staff.

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